artist's statement

     As many artists before me have been drawn to the Hudson Valley, there will be many after me. I believe I became an artist solely because of our spectacular Hudson Valley. Everywhere you look there is remarkable scenery. When I consider a new painting, I navigate terrain through my camera's eye. I settle on something, paint outdoors for 3-4 sitttings, photograph every detail, and finish painting at home while referring to my photographs. My landscapes are expressively put on canvas with a passion that I never experienced before in life. There is so much to drink in and capture.

     My choice of medium is often acrylic because of its versatility. It has the density of oils as well as the transparency of watercolors. Most recently I've been captivated by Pen & Ink, the medium that our beloved historic artists used.  Pastels are rich in hue and I become filled with pleasure as each layer is applied. 
Black and white photography speaks for itself. It's simple, crisp and clear. I favor this form when one or more of these conditions exist: inclement weather, infrastructural settings, exceptional and odd sites and people's countenances. In all my work, continuity, shapes and forms, composition and color are essential to my creative process.

    I have fallen in love with Rock Art. I discovered the rocks along the rivers, streams, brooks, and mountains of the Hudson Valley. They have different textures, colors, and forms that lend themselves to the shape and type of each owl, eagle, and various birds, flowers, and landscapes that I have chosen. My artwork is not a craft; it is an art form. After I scrub the rock with soap and water, I paint with Pen & Ink and/or Acrylic, and leave the remaining surface (background) untouched. To cover the rock entirely with paint would be a pity. Rocks are part of the earth. This natural process gives me utter joy! They are signed by me in pen & ink, some at the side of the rock, others at the base.

    Often people approach me claiming that they wish they could paint or draw, but they feel that they have no talent. I encourage all people, especially children, to create art through any media whether it be writing poetry or music, or painting on canvas. There is an inherent talent in all of us. We just need to draw on that strength.